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A Memoir & Two Poetry Collections
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Release Date: February 14th, 2017

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PEEING WITH THE DOOR OPEN; Not a love story, contains a novella in memoir form, told from Payne’s point of view. It describes her short lived affair with a charismatic young man and how his narcissism destroyed their relationship.
It contains some of her life lessons, and her perspective on love and priorities in a relationship. She shares her immense knowledge about horses and the psychology of a prey animal compared to that of humans as a predator species.
She also supplies the reader with quotes and documentation on the Narcissistic mental disorder.
This is an interesting inside view of the novelist and a revealing confessional.
The second half of this book is dedicated to two poetry collections, which Payne feels are some of her best work to date.
WHITE LILY is her love and ardor spilled out at the beginning of the affair.
AFTERMATH is both, her confusion during, and her heartbreak after the affair ended.