Excerpt from OMEGA RISING

First draft excerpt…. subject to change…just a little sumpthin-sumpthin to keep ye all going! Check back often for more…. :]

Allison was dreaming again, dreaming of crawling into a dark den and snuggling up next to her mate.  His breath was hot against her neck and she was wiggling in happiness as she attempted to smash herself closer to him.  He was a big wolf, dwarfing her much smaller frame, and his black hair seemed almost blue in the pale moonlight that filtered into their small cave. 

His massive body kept her warm and for the first time in months, she felt entirely safe and at home.  She’d finally found him, and now all was well and good in her world.  She felt her male’s adoration as if it were a garment he’d thrown across her shoulders.  He wanted her and was relaxed in her presence.  She felt no aggressiveness from him, only a single minded need to be with her that rendered her from the inside out, leaving her happily contented and peaceful. 

Although she’d been sleeping all these long months, she’d not fully rested for her ceaseless searching. Now she could sleep and not worry.  She was safe with him so close, and she knew that her mission was now fulfilled and she could continue on with life.  The last of the gauze that had coated her thoughts was removed and she could think and process all that had transpired.

The beast that had rolled down the hill, had not frightened her.  It should have, but in reflection she couldn’t recall any real fear of the massive, mythological creature.  She only remembered feeling a fleeting moment of intimidation because of his enormous size, but that was overshadowed by an indescribable relief that he’d found her, and that they were once again together. Her own inner animal wiggled in happiness and she smiled in her sleep and sighed contentedly.  She was home and with her mate.  It was all going to be okay.

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