I am attempting to build my fan base on this private webpage. I am doing all of the population of this page by myself. I do not want to take on advertisements or pop ups. That is not my goal. My goal is simply to get my name known as an exceptional modern fiction and erotica author.

So, I am  going to hide this on a page I will not promote. My past attempts at seeking patronage and financial help didn’t go so well. I however still believe its important to ask. The worst that can happen is silence,  (actually, a lot worse can happen, so on the other hand, if you disagree with me asking, please remain silent).  If you want to know the story, check my blog here: I’m Over It!

I’m a struggling author. I have ten titles up on Amazon and nine in print. I’ve paid and produced to turn all four books in my Dormant Desires series into audio books. I’ve done all of this by myself with the exception of one other who, without his help and encouragement, I would have stopped writing years ago.

It would appear as if I were a successful self-published author. I am not. Aside from the time dedication required to write novels, there are a raft of other costs that a self-published author must cover; all costs a publisher would normally take care of for said author.

I also work at odd and part time jobs so I can set my own hours and still write.

If you enjoy what I’ve been posting for free, or you feel so inclined to help me, this is my plea. This is me asking for patronage so I may continue to write and become the best selling author I know I’m capable of becoming. 

This was the simplest way I could think of to ask. The below links will take you directly to that number amount for an easy donation through my Paypal account. 

In return for your support, I promise to devote myself to this craft and become the best possible author of modern erotic fiction.

THANK YOU!     ~Payne Hawthorne

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For any larger amounts the code link is as follows: PayPal.Me/paynehawthorne/100                                   (Or? Enter dollar amount after back slash. Numerical without symbols).

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