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Seeking Patronage

I recently attended a two day workshop from a well known published author. She also has numerous degrees in writing and literature along with multiple awards. After reading my work, she told me, "Stop giving away your writing. You're way too good of a storyteller to not be getting paid. You need to focus and do this fulltime!"
She suggested I start a Kickstarter, Go-fund-me, Patreon or Crowdfunding account. I told her I'd not had much of a warm welcome with my Go-fund-me campaign but I still had this Patreon page, even though I'm yet to receive one pledge. Her suggestion was that I no longer post my erotica short stories for free on my webpage, but rather only give them to my patrons.
So, I guess I'll try this for now and see how it goes. From here on out, I'll continue to write my short erotic pieces, but will only disseminate them to those who are pledging.
You have no idea how much it would help me if enough of you, drank one less $5.00 coffee a month, and instead pledged that amount to my writing endeavors.
For your pledge of $5.00 or more, I will guarantee at least one short erotic piece a month, (over 1000 words). For any larger pledges I'll write two or more pieces a month and will personally email these to all who've pledged.

I have over a thousand registered users on this site, although I don't know how to access you, or know if anyone is enjoying my work. Since I left Facebook, I no longer get comments, (good or bad), about my writing. It would help me to know others are enjoying, or at the very least, reading what I post. I often feel as if all this is nothing more than a futile endeavor. So please at least speak up or offer me some help as too how I can better reach my audience. (I am struggling with the technology and maintaining my own webpage as well...anyone willing to help me? I'd consider it a form of contribution. 

Email me? Payne Hawthorne at HouseofPaynepublishing@gmail.com 

Payne Hawthorne on Patreon

Win a KINDLE Fire 7!


New giveaway! I will enter any and all pledges/contributions into a drawing to win a Kindle Fire 7, pre-loaded with all of my digital titles, (10 books!).


Recurring pledges, (any amount), through Patreon will get your name in the drawing for the amount pledged, plus ten to whatever the amount. (i.e. $5.00 recurring = 15 entries). PATREON

One time pledges, (any amount), will get your name in the drawing for the amount pledged, (i.e. $5.00=5 entries). See here on my webpage: www.paynehawthorne.com PATRONAGE

Any pledges of $50.00 or more will get your name in for the amount pledged, (i.e. $50.00 = 50 entries). Recurring will garner that amount twice! (i.e. $50.00=100 entries).

This giveaway will run until Feb. 1st, 2016.



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